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The Armagh County Club

Established 1869

A View of Armagh
A club for the County and City of Armagh has been in existence since 1869. It is called The Armagh Club, and has first-rate quarters in English Street. Mr. John G. Winder, J.P. took the initiative in effecting an organization, and succeeded in securing a membership of 126. At present there are 108 members, who pay an annual subscription of £3. The entrance fee is £5. Sir John Calvert Stronge, Bart., and St. John Blacker Douglas are the trustees. Mr. W. C. Hobson, J.P., is treasurer; and the secretaries are Mr John G Winder, J.P., and Mr. A. W. M Creight.
From Bassett's Guide to Co Armagh 1888
The late Mr Dan Thompson, Past President